The Central Queensland LNP team has helped establish a $30 million Bowen Basin Jobs Package, to diversify the region’s economy, create local jobs and grow skills in the local workforce.

The next two years will be a critical time for our region, and that’s why we’re asking the region to choose its own economic direction.

Local business people know where the opportunities are and unlike the Labor Party, we’ll use local knowledge to help direct our jobs plan.

Local planning committees will be established to help communities assess their region's economic opportunities and competitive advantages and develop local investment. This will create a community-driven, government investment partnership between the local communities, business and the Australian Government.

Once a planning committee establishes a local investment plan, funding will be available through business innovation grants, local infrastructure grants and skills and training grants.

Wherever possible, grant funding will be used to leverage funding from additional sources including from project proponents, private sector and other levels of government.

For more information, please visit the Regional Jobs and Investment Package website.